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esther farrache bijou de créateur auvergne haute-loire brioude langeac ateier art du bijou
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Belgrade necklace / coin ( 20 dinar Serbia ), silver and yellow stone.

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Very old invention, money originally consisted in small natural or artisanal objects. Since then, it has been perpetuated in the form of metal coins.

PETITE MONNAIE is a jewelry collection where coins are used as others materials traditionally used in jewelry, and combined with them. Coins, sometimes considered obsolete, demonetized, but which, seen from another angle, reveal many creative opportunities.

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Laurel pendant

25 cts (Belgium), silver, picasso jasper.

Unique piece

As noble materials and traditional techniques are combined with the diverted object, jewel deceptively attracts the viewer, and reveals, after observation, craftsmanship confronted with symbols & mottos of our societies.


Handcrafted, these pieces are unique, or realised in small series, over the discoveries and the coin's collection.

petite monnaie esther faracheartisanat d'art bijouterie bijou de créateur
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